Our Evening at Mokoko Cocktail Bar St. Albans

Mokoko is a relaxed, award winning, cocktail bar in St Albans. Mokoko offers something truly unique, specializing in cocktails, champagne and wine, with a quirky twist. So I was certainly impressed to see the Monty Python theme incorporated adventurously into a number of recipes and the design theme of the menus. I especially liked the sound of the ‘Auri Verdes Caipirinha’, which combines Cachaca, apple juice muddled with golden sugar, lime wedges and cinnamon. This drink was a really powerful and interesting drink, it would suit many different palettes. Looks-wise, it was a highly accomplished affair: pale peach and embellished fabulously with a fan of apple slices. IMG_0881 My friend Jo’s cocktail, the ‘Poison Ivy’, mixed Champagne with kiwi and lemon. A sparkling emerald Poison Ivy herself would be proud of. IMG_0867 Jo’s second drink was a staple of ours: A Cosmo. This was a particularly nice cosmo, which came along with some bar tricks by our attentive barman. IMG_0873 There was a lovely ambience with live music in the background. The bar is obviously very popular as it was packed, so I would recommend booking a table in advance to avoid disappointment. We finished our evening with complimentary shots that are offered to anyone who likes the bar on Facebook or follows them on Twitter, which is a nice treat! IMG_0888 All in all, we had a lovely evening and I would thoroughly recommend it to all my friends! Visit them here: http://www.mokoko-bar.com https://twitter.com/mokokococktails

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